Tailor Made Trip

Tailor Made Trip

Let us handle the planning. 

All of our adventures are meticulously planned by local experts who adore their homeland and want to share it with you. They are destination experts with first-hand travel experience who are eager to greet you. What’s the best part? They handle everything for you, from creating the ideal itinerary to arranging extras and ensuring you have a stress-free vacation.

Exploration on your own terms. 

Why waste time researching destinations when our Travel Experts can plan your trip for you? Landa Car Rental provides a wide range of pre-designed, customisable experiences. Details such as upgrading accommodation or adding extra nights or activities can be changed. You can travel with a group tour, a private group of travel companions, or on your own. On a tailor-made adventure, you will have complete freedom and flexibility!

Join a group or go it alone. 

You can travel however you want with tailor-made trips available for both solo travelers and private groups. Join a larger group or go it alone on a private organized adventure, with or without a guide? It’s your call on a personalized adventure.

Contact one of our Travel Consultants.

We have a dedicated team of Travel Experts who are always ready to give you the personal assistance that organizing your adventure requires, as we specialize in organized adventures. You’ll get the VIP treatment whether you’re planning a family vacation to Siem Reap, a romantic getaway to our Beautiful Beach, or a custom safari in our Deep Green Forest.


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Just over a month into my trip and I wonder how I’ve changed, if at all. Certainly the experiences I’ve had and things I’ve seen have shaped me in someway.